In the ambit of SPISE Working Group several Technical Working Groups (TWG) have been recently created with the aim to prepare advice about the items taken into account by the EU Directive 128/2009/EC but still not considered in the actual ISO/CEN standards.
The present documents are intended to provide technical instructions and describes procedures which are not mandatory but can be voluntary adopted in the course of inspection or calibration. 


1. Volume: ISSN 2364-7574: May 2015:

 Advice for field crop sprayer adjustments

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Bild_SPISE ADVICE_2-2016

1. Volume: ISSN 2364-7574: February 2016:

 Advice for sprayers for bush and tree crops adjustment

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SPISE ADVOCE 2-2016_Titelbild2. Volume: ISSN 2364-7574: December 2016:

Advice for functional inspection of special spraying trains and other vehicles for chemical weed control on railways and public roads

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