Opening Ceremony 

(01) H.Ganzelmeier (Germany)

(02) H. Scartezzini (Italy)
Welcoming address of Head of the Provincial Department of Fruit- and Winegrowing

(03) M. Santer (Italy)
Welcoming address of Chairman of the South Tyrolean Extension Service for Fruit- and Winegrowing

(04) H.Ganzelmeier (Germany)
Survey on the actions of the MS to implement the inspection system of sprayers concerning the EU Directive 2009/128/EC 

Round table

Chairmen:  H. Ganzelmeier, P. Balsari

(05) A. Rotteveel, DG SANCO, EC
Directive 2009/128/EC

(06) B. Freier (Germany)
National Action Plan on the sustainable use of plant protection products in Germany

(07) J. Van Wenum (The Netherlands)
15 years of sprayer inspections in the Netherlands: Benefits for farmers and society

(08) W. Waldner (Italy)
Experience and benefits of inspection of air-assisted sprayers from wine/fruit growers point of view

(09) H. Wehmann (Germany)
Survey on the actions of the MS to implement the inspection system of sprayers concerning the EU Directive 2009/128/EC 

Session 1 (plenary session)

Inspections at regular intervals - Inspection of new equipment
Chairmen:  H. Ganzelmeier, E. Gil

(10) H.Ganzelmeier (Germany)
Introduction paper of Chairman

(11) E. Gil (Spain)
The official procedure for mandatory inspection of sprayers in use in Spain. How to deal with regional autonomous authorities

(12) V. Polvêche (France)
How to implement a mandatory inspection in accordance with European directives. The example of certified workshops

(13) F. von Bargen (Germany)
Inspection of new sprayers before delivering

Session 2 (plenary session)

Member States may apply different timetables and inspection intervals with exceptions following a risk assessment and exempt handheld pesticide application equipment or knapsack sprayers

Chairmen: B. Huyghebaert, N. Bjugstad

(14) B. Huyghebaert (Belgium)
Introduction paper of Chairman

(15) A. Godyn (Poland)
The trials on the influence of knapsack sprayer technical condition on operator exposure as an input to the risk assessment for human health

(16) P. Harašta (Czech Republic)
New regulation concerning inspection intervals and exceptions of PAE is prepared

(17) H. Ganzelmeier (Germany)
Risk assessment for human health and the environment - SPISE Working Group - Proposal

Session 3 (plenary session)

The inspections shall verify that pesticide application equipment satisfies the relevant requirements

Chairmen: J.-P. Douzals, V. Polvêche

(18) J.-P. Douzals (France)
Introduction paper of Chairman

(19) J.-C. Rousseau (France)
Development of ISO/EN standards regarding the inspection of sprayers

(20) P. Balsari (Italy)
Sprayer tank agitation check: A proposal for a simple instrumental evaluation

(21) B. Huyghebaert (Belgium)
Inspection method for spray rate controllers in Flanders (Belgium)

After Dinner Speech

“Are sprayer calibration, adjustment related to the canopy structure and drift reduction technologies added values for the orchard/vine growers?”

Chairmen: P.Balsari, D. Bondesan, E. Gil

(22) E. Gil (Spain)
Introduction paper of Chairman

(23) P. Triloff (Germany)
Measurement devices for the inspection and adjustment of atomizing sprayers

(24) M. Knoll (Italy)
“Low-loss spraying“

(25) D. Bondesan (Italy)
Towards integration of inspection procedures, calibration and drift reducing devices for an efficient use of pesticides and reduction of application impact

(26) G. Doruchowski (Poland)
Calibration of orchard sprayers – the parameters and methods

Session 4

Member States shall establish certificate systems for mutual recognition of the certificates

Chairmen: J. Kole, P. Harašta

(27) J.Kole (The Netherlands)
Certificate system for mutual recognition of inspected pesticide application equipment between Member States – SPISE Working Group proposal

(28) H. Kramer (Germany)
Authorisation of inspection facilities and workshops

(29) G. Oggero (Italy)
A proposal for an EU (SPISE) database of the licensed sprayers inspectors and inspection centres

Session 5


Chairmen: P.-G. Andersen, E. Nilsson

(30) E. Nilsson (Sweden)
Introduction paper of Chairman 

(31) G. Doruchowski (Poland)
Sprayer calibration training – concept and performance

(32) P. Balsari (Italy)
The necessity of a harmonized procedure for sprayers inspectors training. The Italian activity

(33) H. Koch (Germany)
Training of inspectors for the periodic inspection of spraying equipment in a system of authorised mechanic workshops 

Session 6


Chairmen: P. Balsari, G. Doruchowski

(34) B. Huyghebaert (Belgium)
An overview of the defects on tested orchard sprayers in Belgium

(35) F. Solanelles (Spain)
Assessment of nozzle flow rate measurement for the inspection of sprayers in use

(36) R. Heinkel (Germany)
Uniform cross distribution of double flat spray nozzles may be affected by the design of the sprayer 

Closing Session

Chairmen: P. Balsari, J.-P. Douzals, B. Hughebaert, J. Kole

(37) P. Balsari (Italy)
Summary of conclusions of sessions 1 – 5

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