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Opening Cermony

(01) P. Balsari (Italy)
Introduction to the workshop

Round table

Chairmen: J.-P. Douzals, P. Balsari

(02) K. Nienstedt (DG SANCO, EC)
Inspections of pesticide application equipment: Provisions and current implementation under the Directive on sustainable use of pesticides and other European legislation

(03) V. Polvêche (France)
6122: A harmonized procedure for sprayer inspection

(04) A. Fjelstedt (Denmark)
The experience of the introduction of the inspection of sprayers in use from one Member State’s point of view 

(05) JF. Proust (France)
What is the farmer’s EU feeling from Copa Cogeca’s standpoint 

(06) Raphael Martinez (France)
The advantage of sprayer inspection for safe and sustainable food production 

Session 1 (plenary session)

Inspection of new sprayers before their delivery (TWG 1)

Chairmen:  E. Gil, C. Schulze-Stentrop 

(07) E. Gil (Spain)
Draft SPISE guideline for the inspection of brand new sprayers 

(08) T. Kovermann (Germany)
Inspection of brand new sprayer by a sprayer manufacturer and problems encountered 

(09) P. Hloben (The Netherlands)
Conformity of production of field sprayers

(10) C. Schulze-Stentrop (Germany)
The position of SPISE and CEMA 

Session 2 (plenary session)

Train application – State of the art and parameters to be inspected (TWG 7)

Chairmen: J. Kole, P. Balsari, H. Kramer 

(11) J. Kole (The Netherlands)
Results of the enquiry carried out in EU MS on present inspection systems for railway sprayers

(12) P. Balsari (Italy)
Draft of SPISE guidelines for the inspection of railway sprayers 

(13) J. K. Wegener (Germany)
Investigations concerning the inspections of weed seeking systems of spray trains, 

Session 3 (plenary session)

Correct use of sprayer inspection harmonized test methods and definition of additional test methods for application equipment not covered by harmonized standards (TWG 3)

Chairmen: J.-P. Douzals, V. Polvêche 

(14 and 15) J.-P. Douzals (France)
Results of the enquiry carried out in EU MS aimed at defining the most critical issues during the inspection
Results of the enquiry carried out in EU MS about the PAE types not considered by ISO 16122 whereas SPISE guidelines might be needed 

(16) J. Kole (The Netherlands)
Inspection of foggers and LVM application equipment in the Netherlands 

(17) J. Declercq (Belgium)
Belgian inspection method for soil-disinfection equipment

(18) D. Russell (United Kingdom)
UK National Sprayer Testing Scheme 

Session 4 (plenary session)

“Certification” of the workshop activity (quality assurance) including test facilities (TWG 4)

Chairmen: J. Kole, P. Harašta 

(19) P. Harašta (Czech Republic)
Results of the enquiry carried out in EU MS in order to evaluate their quality assurance system for inspection activities carried out by workshops 

(20) J. Kole (The Netherlands)
Scheme of the quality assurance system suggested by SPISE TWG 4 with a specific check-list on how to apply it 

(21) P. Balsari (Italy)
“ENAMA certification” of the inspection workshop activity: The necessary requirements

(22) J. Wahlander (Sweden)
Consequences of including inspections of sprayers in use in the new Regulation on official controls 

(23) M. Biocca (Italy)
Inspection of accredited workshops – some Italian experiences

(24) G. Defays (Belgium)
Quality assurance of Belgian inspection authorities: main process and concrete implementation 

Session 5 (plenary session)

Harmonise the training of the inspectors to achieve the same professional level of the inspections (TWG 5)

Chairmen:  E. Nilsson, H. Kramer, H. Wehmann 

(25) E. Nilsson (Sweden)
Review about training of the inspectors and examination procedures for licensing the inspectors in EU MS 

(26) H. Kramer (Germany)
Establishment of a picture gallery regarding training material for inspectors and using it during the testing procedure of pesticide application equipment in horticulture 

(27) E. Gil (Spain)
Manual for inspection of sprayers in use and PRITEAF, dedicated software for inspection of sprayers: success tool developed for the inspectors training process 

(28) B. Scholtens (The Netherlands)
From practical reality to practical virtuality -an unique approach to blended, practical learning: web-based and face-to-face learning 

(29) S. Grimbuhler (France)
Risk exposure of sprayer inspector during the inspection - an ergonomic approach 

Session 6 (plenary session)

Minimum workshop facilities necessary to make an appropriate sprayer adjustment of orchard sprayer at the workshop during the inspection (TWG 6)

Chairmen: P. Balsari, J. Langenaakens, A. Herbst

(30) A. Herbst (Germany)
SPISE guidelines on how to make sprayer adjustment at the workshop as an addition to the functional inspection of field crop sprayers 

(31) P. Balsari (Italy)
SPISE guidelines on how to make sprayer adjustment at the workshop as an addition to the functional inspection of sprayers for bush and tree crops 

(32) P. Marucco (Italy)
Performances evaluation of different vertical patternators 

(33) P. Triloff (Germany)
Adjusting and straightening the air distribution of sprayer for three dimensional crops: The state of the art 

Session 7 (plenary session)

Definition of a common risk assessment procedure for Pesticide Application Equipment (PAE) to be exempted from the inspection (TWG 2)

Chairmen: B. Huyghebaert, N. Bjugstad 

(34) B. Huyghebaert (Belgium)
Results of the enquiry carried out in EU MS about the contents of National Action Plans regarding PAE to be exempted from the inspections and about the risk assessment evaluation methods applied

(35) J. K. Wegener (Germany)
Sprayer inspection parameters as a basis for risk assessment for human health and the environment

(36) A. Alix (United Kingdom)
Development of a harmonized risk mitigation toolbox dedicated to pesticides in farmland in Europe: Outcome of the MAgPIE workshop 

Closing Session

Chairmen: P. Balsari, J.-P. Douzals, E. Gil, B. Huyghebaert, J. Kole, E. Nilsson 

(37) P. Balsari (Italy)
Summary of conclusions of sessions 1 – 7

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