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P. Balsari, DISAFA, Torino

Opening Ceremony

(01) P. Balsari (Italy)

Introduction to the workshop

Round table

Chairmen: E. Gil, P.Balsari 

(02) P. Kiss (DG SANTE, EC)

Current implementation of inspections of pesticide application equipment in EU following SUD requirements (P. Kiss, European Commission – DG SANTE)

(03) H.J. Wehmann (Germany)

Status Quo of inspection in EU: the results of SPISE enquiry 

(04) A. Goutan (Spain)

The PAE inspection in Spain and Catalonia 

(05) T. Balafoutis (Greece)

The experience of the mandatory sprayers inspection in Greece

(06) E. Hogervorst (The Netherlands)

The advantage of sprayer inspection from the dealer point of view 

Session 1 (plenary session)

Inspection of brand new sprayers

Chairmen: E. Gil, C. Schulze-Stentrop

(07) E. Gil (Spain)

SPISE position and proposal

(08) C. Schulze Stentrop (Denmark), P. Hloben (The Netherlands)

Inspection of new sprayers before delivery 

(09) K. Herbst (Germany)

Inspection of new sprayers – defects following EN - ISO 16122 

Session 2 (plenary session)

Definition of a common risk assessment procedure for Pesticide Application Equipment (PAE) to be exempted from the inspection

Chairmen: B. Huyghebaert, N. Bjugstad 

(10) B. Huyghebaert (Belgium)

The importance of a common risk assessment procedure

(11) J.K. Wegener (Germany)

Suggestion for an European approach for risk assessment for Pesticide Application Equipment in use to be exempted from inspection according to article 8 (3) of Sustainable Use Directive

(12) M. Stas (Belgium)

The Belgian approach to fulfil art 8 of Directive 2009/128: Development of a risk assessment procedure for pesticide application equipment

(13) D. Nuyttens (Belgium)

Inventory of pesticide application equipment used in Belgium – a practical approach 

Session 3 (plenary session)

Sprayer inspection harmonised test methods

Chairmen: J.-P. Douzals, V. Polvêche 

(14) J.P. Douzals (France)

The importance of a harmonized application of EN-ISO 16122: The SPISE manual

(15) J. Kole (The Netherlands)

The EN-ISO 16122-4 Standard

(16) H.J. Osteroth (Germany)

Possibilities to inspect seed treatment equipment 

(17) J. Declercq (Belgium)

First results of the Belgian inspection of soil-disinfection equipment

(18) J. Declercq (Belgium)

Belgian trial protocol for the inspection of cold atomisers 

(19) I. Forman (United Kingdom)

Test methods not yet covered by EN-ISO 16122, micro granule application and slug pellet applicators 

Session 4 (plenary session)

“Certification” of the Workshop activity (quality assurance) included the certification of devices/ instruments used for the inspections

Chairmen: J. Kole, P. Harašta

(20) P. Harašta (Czech Republic)

The importance of the quality of the Workshop activity

(21) J. Kole (The Netherlands)

SPISE advice on how to make a Workshop audit 

(22) G. Defays (Belgium)

Belgian quality assurance system according to ISO 17020 illustrated by a practical example

(23) F. Solanelles (Spain)

Assessment of the measurement of the traverse distribution in the inspection of horizontal boom sprayers 

Session 5 (plenary session)

Harmonise the training of the inspectors to achieve the same professional level of the inspections (TWG 5)
Chairmen: E. Nilsson, H. Kramer, H. Wehmann

(24) E. Gil (Spain)

BTSF training courses: Official initiative focused on training as key element to guarantee the success of the mandatory inspection process in EU 

(25) E. Nilsson (Sweden)

SPISE Advice on main training topics both for basic and refreshment courses 

Session 6 (plenary session)

Present experiences and problems in inspections activitie

Chairmen: E. Gil, H. Kramer, J. Kole 

(26) A. Godyn (Poland)

Self-inspection of spraying equipment not covered by official inspection system in Poland 

(27) A. Fjelsted (Denmark)

Three year experiences of inspection of sprayers in Denmark – are inspections and repairs carried out equally at all workshops 

(28) P. Marucco (Italy)

Improvements of vertical patternator 

(29) P. Triloff (Germany)

Results and Conclusions from Five Years Measuring and Adjusting Air Distribution of Brand new sprayers for 3D Crops 

(30) P. Balsari (Italy)

Survey on problems and criticisms of the inspections service of sprayers in use in Italy 

(31) E. Gil (Spain)

LIFE-FITOVID Project: Training actions to promote the inspection of sprayers in use in two wine designation of origin of the Basque Country 

(32) A. Sedlar (Serbia)

Control testing of sprayers and air assisted sprayers in Serbia – In anticipation of new legislation 

Session 7 (plenary session)

SPISE TWG activities and SPISE advice on PAE not yet considered by harmonised Standards
Chairmen: J. Wegener, T. Bals, P. Balsari 

(33) P. Balsari (Italy)


(34) A. Herbst (Germany)

SPISE advices for field crops and orchards sprayers’ adjustment at the workshop 

(35) K. Ruysen (Belgium)

Annex to SPISE advices on field crop and orchard sprayers adjustment at a workshop 

(36) H. Kramer (Germany)

SPISE advices for functional inspection of special trains and other vehicles for chemical weed control on railways and public roads 

(37) P. Balsari (Italy)


(38) J. Declercq (Belgium)

Soil fumigation equipment 

(39) J. Kole (The Netherlands)

Foggers and LVM 

(40) E. Nilsson (Sweden)

Seed treatment equipment


14:20 – 15:30

Closing Session

Chairmen: P. Balsari, J.-P. Douzals, E. Gil, B. Huyghebaert, J. Kole, E. Nilsson, J. Wegener 

(41) P. Balsari (Italy)

Summary of conclusions of sessions 1 – 7

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