Presentations 8


Opening ceremony

(01) Jaco Kole (The Netherlands)
Introduction to the Workshop

Round Table

Chairmen: J. Kole, J. K. Wegener

(02) E. Liegeois (DG SANTE E.4)
PAE and digital tools from the angle of Risk Mitigation Measures in the context of authorisations of pesticides

(03) H. Wehmann (Germany)
Status Quo of inspection in EU: the results of SPISE enquiry

(04) J. Ottenheim (The Netherlands)
The importance of the PAE inspection from the Crop Protection Industry point of view

(05) M. Steinbusch (The Netherlands)
Experiences and challenges in PAE inspection activities

Session 1: Present experiences and challenges in inspections activities

Chairmen: E. Gil, N. Bjugstad

(06) C. Schulze Stentrop (Denmark)
25 years of sprayer inspection – report from a sprayer manufacturer

(07) N. Bouchekoum (France)
Development of a training course on sprayer calibration and settings based on the sprayer inspection database in France

(08) J. Declercq (Belgium)
Experiences and challenges in the inspection of greenhouse and ornamental sprayers in Belgium

(09) E. Gil (Spain)
BTSF training course on Pesticide Application Equipment: Eight years of education on inspection benefits around Europe

(10) P. Pelt (Luxembourg)
BTSF training course on Pesticide Application Equipment: Eight years of education on inspection benefits around Europe

(11) E. Gil (Spain)
Inspection of sprayers in use out of Europe: some experiences in South America

(12) P. Harašta (Czech Republic)
Experience in Czech Republic

(13) C. Michael (Cyprus)
Experience and challenges in inspection activities in Cyprus

Session 2: National PAE register

Chairmen: G. Doruchowski, E. Nilsson

(14) J. Declercq (Belgium)
Belgian national PAE register

Session 3: PAE inspection harmonised test methods for PAE not included in ISO EN 16122

Chairmen: A. Herbst, C. Schulze-Stentrop

(15) G. Doruchowski (Poland)
In-farm self-inspection and calibration of sprayers – SPISE ADVICE quick guides and manuals

(16) P. Marucco (Italy)
Proposal of a methodology for the functional inspection of a Fixed Spray Delivery System (FSDS)

(17) F. Quigley (Ireland)
Testing of boom sprayer <3m

(18) T. Anken (Switzerland)
Possible testing procedures for spot sprayers

Session 4: Inspection of new technologies (electronic devices, crop drone)

Chairmen: J. Kole, H. Kramer

(19) A. Herbst (Germany)
Electronic controls and assistance systems – challenges for sprayer inspection

(20) J. K. Wegener (Germany)
New spraying technologies and their impact on control of sprayers in use

(21) N. Bjugstad (Norway)
Challenges regarding the use of new spraying technologies

(22) C. Schulze Stentrop (Denmark)
Is a specific testing protocol required for online and offline application systems?

Session 5: Inspection quality: “Certification” of the Workshop activity (quality assurance) included the certification

Chairmen: P. Harašta, P. Pelt

(23) I. Forman (United Kingdom)
NSTS training, qualification and auditing of machine Examiners

(24) J. Kole (The Netherlands)
Certification of the workshops in the Netherlands, replacing the recognition

Closing Session:

(25) J. Kole (The Netherlands)
General Conclusions

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